B Corp Global Climate Summit has ended
The B Lab and Sistema B Global Network and the B Corp Climate Collective invite you to the first annual B Corp Global Climate Summit! Join the global community of B Corps as we gather for an inspirational three-day virtual summit to take collective climate action centered in people and justice.

The Summit has ended. You can view all recorded sessions via the B Corp Global Climate Summit YouTube Playlist.
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Stan Herbecq

I'm an 21 year old entrepreneur between Europe and Morocco, and I'm getting super interested in sustainability in business.  

Today I've the idea of scaling up a project that export high quality artisanal ceramics made by women in a small village in morocco to the EU.
The goal is to set up a virtuous circle based on two main axes: less impact on the environment and involvement in various social projects.
This project will integrate sustainability in the production chain with the goal to be Netzero.

A partnership with Centre fier et fort (an orphanage that fight against inequalities in a sustainable way with lots of love) will start in the upcoming months.
This partnership will be focused on their next project witch is to open a transition home for the teenagers of the ophelinat that will enter in they adult life and helping them for the start. set up a workshop directly there with someone to teach them sustainability in ceramics.

I'm joining today the B-corp global climate summit to learn as much as possible.

Please if you're would like to exchange about the project and other project contact me ! I would love to exchanges with people that work in those typeof business 

Contact : Stanherbecq@gmail.com
Tuesday, June 29

2:00pm UTC

4:00pm UTC

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