B Corp Global Climate Summit has ended
The B Lab and Sistema B Global Network and the B Corp Climate Collective invite you to the first annual B Corp Global Climate Summit! Join the global community of B Corps as we gather for an inspirational three-day virtual summit to take collective climate action centered in people and justice.

The Summit has ended. You can view all recorded sessions via the B Corp Global Climate Summit YouTube Playlist.
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Gold Hood

Founder & CEO
Global (Europe Currently)
Gold (Darr) Hood is helping to solve the climate crisis by creating a fundamental shift in digital advertising and social media that restores integrity to advertising and trust in data privacy.  Ads4Earth.com generates revenue by having users volunteer their data and watch interactive ads that are matched to them. The users are then rewarded by allowing them to choose one of A4E partnering nonprofits and schools for which 80% of the ad revenue generated by that user will be donated by Ads4Earth. They are driving users to their platform by participating in creating a higher education curriculum focused on peace and climate change.

She was recently interviewed by Vince Molinari who was quite captured by her, and readily agreed to interview her on The Impact. She is also being considered to join the Women’s Forum at G20  by the CEO Chiara Corazza.

If Gold had a motto, it might be ‘the only constant is change’.

Like a spiral focuses to a center, Gold has been circling sustainability’s core systemic issues since she was a 17 year old college senior and researcher working on advanced material science and clean energy systems. It was immediately clear to her that the problems of creating a better world were not a deficit of human creativity or a limit of engineering, but rather a misdirection of resources. So she transitioned to doctoral work in AI, specifically how to control complex, unpredictable, and protracted situations like wildfire management and global defense resource allocation. The experience of the work and the politics of the public sector pushed Gold to decide to test another American dream, and she went into business.

While picking up an MBA with focus areas in finance, marketing, and business information technology, Gold designed an early automated stock trading system. It became very clear what such systems exploited was not market inefficiency of pricing an asset’s underlying value, but rather the time and information weaknesses of everyday people trying to access the free markets.

Fast forward through working in Venture Capital, Pharmatech/Healthcare/Medtech, becoming a university professor, singing tours, learning 28 styles of dance, and running a design center spinning out 50 technologies a year from ideation to implementation- all totally unique and in different industries. While doing an international assessment of market viability for a sustainable agtech patent when she heard BlackRock’s announcement that they would incorporate ESG into all portfolios. So she went to them to say if you get this right, you can change the world. If you get things wrong, it will take decades to undo.

Time there prompted the birth of Ads4Earth because those with the most to benefit and the greatest resources elected to defer responsibility to “consumer pressure”, even though it’s outrageous to assume every individual should have to be an expert on the ever-changing tech, operations, ethics, and materials of everything they buy. Ads4Earth  is very unique in that it isn’t a simple product idea that then needed a market and a monetization model.At heart she knows the world didn’t need just one particular startup, we needed a way to enable all the startup innovators, small business leaders, and courageous corporate reformers to win. That’s her calling, because if change is constant, build navigation.
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