B Corp Global Climate Summit has ended
The B Lab and Sistema B Global Network and the B Corp Climate Collective invite you to the first annual B Corp Global Climate Summit! Join the global community of B Corps as we gather for an inspirational three-day virtual summit to take collective climate action centered in people and justice.

The Summit has ended. You can view all recorded sessions via the B Corp Global Climate Summit YouTube Playlist.
avatar for Minou Schillings

Minou Schillings

The Green Sprint
Co-Founder / Sustainable Business Innovation Facilitator
Hi, I am Minou Schillings.

An impact-driven sustainability accelerator specialized in sustainable business innovation processes. I have been laser focussed on social and sustainable development from the start of my career, and I am establishing myself as one of the go-to people for sustainable innovation and creative thinking processes.

Favourite Quote
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

 I believe that the planet is awesome and people are awesome. But let’s be honest, the way we are currently living our lives around the globe is neither good for the planet or for people. We have to start working towards a future where people and nature thrive together. The scientific community around the world came to a solid conclusion many years ago; we have to change the way we live before we irreversible alter the climate on this planet to a situation that isn’t suitable anymore for humans to live and thrive in. I love human beings, their empathy, creativity, resilience and love for life. That’s why my passion is to accelerate the global sustainability transition. To create a world in which all life forms thrive. To accelerate this transition I co-founded Sustainable Innovation collective The Green Sprint. We guide and facilitate organisations on their sustainability journey, enabling them to develop strategies and innovate; and transform business models, processes and products/services from destructive, to sustainable, to regenerative.
Tuesday, June 29

2:00pm UTC

4:00pm UTC

Wednesday, June 30

12:00am UTC

2:00am UTC

6:00am UTC

8:30am UTC

9:00am UTC

10:15am UTC

12:15pm UTC

1:30pm UTC

3:00pm UTC

4:05pm UTC

5:10pm UTC

Thursday, July 1

8:00am UTC

9:00am UTC

10:00am UTC

1:00pm UTC

2:30pm UTC

4:30pm UTC

5:00pm UTC

8:00pm UTC

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