B Corp Global Climate Summit has ended
The B Lab and Sistema B Global Network and the B Corp Climate Collective invite you to the first annual B Corp Global Climate Summit! Join the global community of B Corps as we gather for an inspirational three-day virtual summit to take collective climate action centered in people and justice.

The Summit has ended. You can view all recorded sessions via the B Corp Global Climate Summit YouTube Playlist.

Featured Speakers

avatar for Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir

Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir

UN High Level Champion for Climate Action, B Lab Global Board Member...
avatar for Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Climate Justice Activist, Convenor & International Spokesperson of...
avatar for René Calpanchay

René Calpanchay

Atacameño Grandfather
Co-creator and President of the System of Indigenous Peoples...
avatar for TiQuoria Jackson

TiQuoria Jackson

Climate Justice Activist, Environmental and Climate Justice Co-Chair,...
avatar for Raj Aggarwal

Raj Aggarwal

President, Provoc (a Certified B Corp), Co-Founder, B Corp Climate...
avatar for Rasheed Ajamu

Rasheed Ajamu

Phreedom Jawn
Curator (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
avatar for Fátima González-Torres

Fátima González-Torres

Video Strategist and Regional Director, Ecosia (a Certified B Corp)...
avatar for Marita Davies

Marita Davies

Australian/I-Kiribati Writer & Storyteller (Melbourne, Australia)
avatar for Gladys Kivati

Gladys Kivati

Sustainable Business Consulting (a Certified B Corp)
Founder & Executive Director (Nairobi, Kenya)
avatar for Mark Cook

Mark Cook

Education Committee Co-Chair, Elders Climate Action (ECA) (Arizona,...
avatar for David Chen

David Chen

Golden Sunland
Co-Founder & COO, Golden Sunland (a Certified B Corp)...
avatar for Dr. Ellonda L. Williams

Dr. Ellonda L. Williams

B Lab
Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (Philadelphia, PA,...
avatar for Justin Wright

Justin Wright

CEO - Habitus Incorporated (a Certified B Corp), Co-Founder - B Corp...
avatar for Charmian Love

Charmian Love

Co-Founder & Activist in Residence, B Lab UK, Co-Chair - B Global...
avatar for Kim Coupounas

Kim Coupounas

Global Ambassador - B Lab, Co-Chair - B Global Climate Task Force,...
avatar for Dan Egol

Dan Egol

Inclusion NextWork
Executive Director (Washington, DC)
avatar for Karen Lickteig

Karen Lickteig

B Lab
Community Coordinator
avatar for Mindy Leow

Mindy Leow

B Lab Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand
Head of Community Building
avatar for Charlotte Sewell

Charlotte Sewell

Strategic Advisor - B Global Climate Task Force, Community Builder -...
avatar for Marcel Fukayama

Marcel Fukayama

Sistema B Brasil
Co-fundador, B Global Climate Task Force
avatar for Paula Alzualde

Paula Alzualde

Sistema B Internacional
Articulación de la Red, B Global Climate Task Force (Buenos Aires,...
avatar for Irving X. Chan Gomez

Irving X. Chan Gomez

B Lab Global
Global Partnerships Manager




Climate First Bank
Founder and CEO
avatar for Alberto Alemanno

Alberto Alemanno

Professor of Law & Public Policy at HEC Paris & Founder of The Good Lobby
avatar for Hilden Allgaier

Hilden Allgaier

Fundadora da Ehlo
avatar for Fabio Alperowitch

Fabio Alperowitch

FAMA Investimentos
Founder and PM
avatar for Camila Altamira

Camila Altamira

Rosario Bio Energy
avatar for Leonardo Alvares

Leonardo Alvares

Sistema B Brasil
Grupo Jurídico B
avatar for Vava Angwenyi

Vava Angwenyi

avatar for Birnur Aral, Ph.D

Birnur Aral, Ph.D

Good Housekeeping Institute
Director, Health, Beauty & Environmental Sciences Lab
avatar for Ushi Araujo

Ushi Araujo

Cofundadora e Diretora de Cooperação da Célula
avatar for Veronica Echavarren Armentano

Veronica Echavarren Armentano

ComBio Energia
Analista de Sustentabilidade
avatar for Julia Aronchi

Julia Aronchi

Gerente de Comunicação Corporativa Danone

Nick Aster

South Pole
avatar for Rita Atuti

Rita Atuti

Shared Value Foundation

Morgan Audino

Grove Collaborative
Development Manager
avatar for Lorin Augeri

Lorin Augeri

Florida For Good
Program Coordinator
avatar for El'gin Avila

El'gin Avila

Equitable Health Solutions, LLC
avatar for Kaya Axelsson

Kaya Axelsson

Oxford Net Zero
Strategic Engagement Fellow
avatar for Wojciech Baginski

Wojciech Baginski

Attorney and Counsellor at Law
avatar for Karina Baratella

Karina Baratella

avatar for Marcelo Behar

Marcelo Behar

Natura & Co
Vice President Sustainability and Group Affairs
avatar for Amanda Bennicasa

Amanda Bennicasa

Head of Commercial Team at Agrotools
avatar for Anna Luisa Beserra

Anna Luisa Beserra

Safe Drinking Water For All
avatar for Leah Bessa

Leah Bessa

Climate Champions
Youth Fellow
avatar for Renaud Bettin

Renaud Bettin

Lead Climate Expert
avatar for Sriram Bharatam

Sriram Bharatam

KUZA Biashara
Founder & Chief Mentor
avatar for Fernando Bicaletto

Fernando Bicaletto

Fazenda da Toca
CEO da Fazenda Da Toca
avatar for Rachel Biderman

Rachel Biderman

World Resources Institute
Diretora Executiva
avatar for Rachel Biderman

Rachel Biderman

Vice-Presidente Sênior da Conservação Internacional

Helena Birgusova

B Lab Europe
Country Partner Coordinator & European Member for the B Global...
avatar for Flora Bitancourt

Flora Bitancourt

Impact Beyond
avatar for Carol Blazquez

Carol Blazquez

Head of Innovation & Sustainability
avatar for Davide Bollati

Davide Bollati

avatar for Talia Bonfante

Talia Bonfante

Instituto Ekos Brasil
Coordenadora do Programa Compromisso com o Clima do Instituto Ekos...
avatar for Paula Brandão

Paula Brandão

Baluarte Cultura
Diretora de Criação & Planejamento
avatar for Deanna Bratter

Deanna Bratter

Head of Sustainable Development
avatar for Joey van den Brink

Joey van den Brink

B Lab Europe
Business Development Lead
avatar for Ellen Brouwer

Ellen Brouwer

Climate Neutral Group
Project Manager Certification
avatar for Anja Buchcik

Anja Buchcik

Organic Basics
Head of Sustainability
avatar for Lourenço Bustani

Lourenço Bustani

Sócio-fundador da Mandalah
avatar for Bruno Caldarelli

Bruno Caldarelli

Impulso Creativo
avatar for Noelia Souque Caldato

Noelia Souque Caldato

Natura & Co.
Head of Institutional & Group Affairs

Rory Carney, AIF®, BFA™

Hygge Advisors
Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
avatar for Chris Castro

Chris Castro

City of Orlando
Director of Sustainability & Resilience
avatar for Paulo de Castro

Paulo de Castro

Cervejaria Praya
Sócio Fundador da Cervejaria Praya
avatar for Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

PIE Strategy Ltd
Managing Director
avatar for Daniel Chege

Daniel Chege

Sanergy Limited
avatar for Jo Chidley

Jo Chidley

Beauty Kitchen
avatar for Maria Paola Chiesi

Maria Paola Chiesi

Chiesi Group
Head of Shared Value & Sustainability
avatar for Chantal Chung

Chantal Chung

Gigatonne Challenge
Hawaii team participant
avatar for Rodrigo Coelho

Rodrigo Coelho

Americanas S.A.
Coordenador de Tecnologia e Sustentabilidade
avatar for Tara Connelly

Tara Connelly

Pure Strategies
avatar for Daniel Contrucci

Daniel Contrucci

Climate Ventures
Fundador da Onda Verde

Jennifer Cooper

Native Energy
VP Client Strategy
avatar for Samantha Cooper

Samantha Cooper

Business Declares

Marcos Coronato

Época Negócios
Editor Executivo da Época Negócios
avatar for Thais Corral

Thais Corral

Sinal do Vale
Fundadora e Diretora do Sinal do Vale
avatar for Maria Correa

Maria Correa

B Lab Europe
Head of Communications
avatar for Fe Cortez

Fe Cortez

Menos 1 Lixo
Idealizadora do Menos 1 Lixo
avatar for Amanda Costa

Amanda Costa

Delegada brasileira do Y20 2021
avatar for Taisa Costa

Taisa Costa

Gerente de Sustentabilidade da Danone
avatar for Jos Cozijnsen

Jos Cozijnsen

Climate Neutral Group
Carbon Specialist
avatar for Qiwen Cui

Qiwen Cui

avatar for Rodrigo Cunha

Rodrigo Cunha

avatar for Catherine D'Aragon

Catherine D'Aragon

Expanscience US
General Manager

Sweta Daga

Gigatonne Challenge
Bangalore City Coach
avatar for John Davies

John Davies

Avocado Green Brands
Brand Editorial Director
avatar for Riccardo Decarolis

Riccardo Decarolis

South Pole
Regional Director Benelux
avatar for Leigh DeForest

Leigh DeForest

Legacy Vacation Resorts
Social Purpose & Sustainability Manager
avatar for Juliana Degani

Juliana Degani

Delegada brasileira do Y20 2021
avatar for Sophie Dembinski

Sophie Dembinski

Head of Public Policy and UK Country Manager
avatar for Valentina Demori

Valentina Demori

B Lab Spain
Head of Community
avatar for Peter Dernbach

Peter Dernbach

Winkler Partners
Coordinating Partner
avatar for Vincent Desclaux

Vincent Desclaux

Managing Director
avatar for Adriana Luna Díaz

Adriana Luna Díaz

Tierra de Monte

Toni DiPrinzio

avatar for Lisa Drake

Lisa Drake

Stonyfield Organic
Director of Sustainability Innovation
avatar for César Dugast

César Dugast

Carbone 4
Head of the 'Carbon Neutrality' Practice
avatar for Susanne Etti

Susanne Etti

Intrepid Travel
Environmental Impact Specialist
avatar for Clayton Ferrara

Clayton Ferrara

Executive Director
avatar for Melanie Fleming

Melanie Fleming

Pure Strategies, Inc.
Marketing Manager
avatar for Chris Forbes

Chris Forbes

The Cheeky Panda

Renato Franklin

CEO da Movida
avatar for Marcelo Furtado

Marcelo Furtado

Presidente do Conselho do WRI
avatar for Andy Fyfe

Andy Fyfe

B Lab
Director of Equitable Growth

Joyce Gachugi

PETCO, Kenya
avatar for Bettina González

Bettina González

Boomerang Viajes
avatar for Miguel Alejandro Naranjo Gonzalez

Miguel Alejandro Naranjo Gonzalez

Programme Officer
avatar for Tom Greenwod

Tom Greenwod

Wholegrain Digital
Managing Director
avatar for Tom Greenwood

Tom Greenwood

Wholegrain Digital
Managing Director
avatar for Tim Greiner

Tim Greiner

Pure Strategies
Managing Director
avatar for Tomo Hamakawa

Tomo Hamakawa

Earth Company
Co-founder & Managing Director
avatar for Karin Hanzi

Karin Hanzi

Epicentro Dalva
Co-founder and Director
avatar for Veena Harbaugh

Veena Harbaugh

B Lab U.S. & Canada
Marketing Director

Susan Harris

Technical Director
avatar for Zaid Hassan

Zaid Hassan

Co-Criador do Giggatonne
avatar for Priscilla Henriette

Priscilla Henriette

Innate Motion
Business Humanizer & Partner
avatar for Caroline van Heule

Caroline van Heule

Campaign Coordinator
avatar for Katie Hill

Katie Hill

B Lab Europe
Executive Chair of Management Board
avatar for Denise Hills

Denise Hills

Diretora Global de Sustentabilidade da Natura
avatar for Julia Holiday

Julia Holiday

Sustainability Project Manager

Matt Homewood

Freelance Expert
Freelance Expert
avatar for Gold Hood

Gold Hood

Founder & CEO
avatar for Roberto C Véras J

Roberto C Véras J

ComBio Energia
Diretor de Sustentabilidade
avatar for David Jaber

David Jaber

Climate Positive Consulting
avatar for Coline Jeannet

Coline Jeannet

B Lab Switzerland
Engagement Manager
avatar for Mincheol Jeong

Mincheol Jeong

Tree Planet
Co-founder / Director
avatar for Lynn Johnson

Lynn Johnson

Hella Social Impact
Founder + CEO
avatar for Sakulthip Keeratiphantawong

Sakulthip Keeratiphantawong

Nise Corporation
Co-founder & Managing Director
avatar for Amna Khan

Amna Khan

Director, Stewardship and Partnerships

Trevor Kombo

B Lab East Africa
Communications Coordinator
avatar for Mittal Kothari

Mittal Kothari

Vice President - Bespoke Packaging
avatar for Douglas Lamont

Douglas Lamont


Aricely Lamontanha

Especialista de Meio Ambiente.
avatar for Pedro Lanna

Pedro Lanna

Business Development Analyst na Agrotools
avatar for Peter Lantz

Peter Lantz

Head of Sustainability at Cross Textiles & Driver of B Climate Collective Nordics
Currently on paternity leave
avatar for Tomás de Lara

Tomás de Lara

Cities Can B / Ciudades+B
Cofounder & Coleader

Marc Lee

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Director of the Climate Justice Project

Julie LeFevre

Gigatonne Challenge
Canary Islands team participant
avatar for Francine Lemos

Francine Lemos

Sistema B Brasil
Diretora Executiva
avatar for Daniela Lerário

Daniela Lerário

Sistema B Brasil
Board Member (Membro Efetivo)
avatar for Corey Lien

Corey Lien

Domi Earth
Founder and CEO
avatar for Marcel Locher

Marcel Locher

Senior Sustainability Manager
avatar for Cody Lorance

Cody Lorance

Endiro Coffee
avatar for Gina Lovett

Gina Lovett

Environmental Initiatives Manager

Kevin Lunzalu

Youth for Biodiversity Network
avatar for Chris Lyon

Chris Lyon

Seventh Generation
Manager of Community and Environmental Impact
avatar for Fergus Lyon

Fergus Lyon

Easthall Farm
Managing Director
avatar for Jingjing Ma

Jingjing Ma

NORDIQ Group China
avatar for Juan Marambio

Juan Marambio

Head of Sustainability

Gabriela Marcotti

Head of Sustainability Pantys
avatar for Sergio Margulis

Sergio Margulis

Ex-Secretário de Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Secretaria de...
avatar for Marielle Martin

Marielle Martin

B Lab
Community Engagement Manager
avatar for Lara Martins

Lara Martins

Sistema B Brasil
Gerente do Sistema B Brasil e Delegada Y20 2021
avatar for Josie Morris MBE

Josie Morris MBE

Managing Director
avatar for Giovanna Meneghel

Giovanna Meneghel

Nude. - Plant based foods
CEO da Nude.
avatar for Yeliz Mert

Yeliz Mert

B Lab Europe
Country Partner Manager & Driver of B Corp Climate Collective Europe
avatar for Ravi Mikkelsen

Ravi Mikkelsen

Atmos Financial
avatar for Yuki MIzobuchi

Yuki MIzobuchi


Peter Moll

Stand Up Shout Out
avatar for Marie-Charlotte Montaut

Marie-Charlotte Montaut

Sustainability and Transparency Senior Specialist
avatar for Jennifer Moreau

Jennifer Moreau

Florida For Good
Executive Director

Simangele Msweli

Africa Youth for Nature Association
avatar for Olivia Muiru

Olivia Muiru

Enda Running
Chief of Staff
avatar for Martha Nalweyiso

Martha Nalweyiso

Conservation and Ecosystem Health Alliance
Research Executive

Filipe Núncio

Agri Marketplace
avatar for Junho Oh

Junho Oh

L'OCCITANE B Corp Champion - APAC
avatar for Jacob Olonde

Jacob Olonde

ECAIS Institute
Founder & CEO
avatar for Paloma Costa, Conselheira Jovem do Secretário Geral da ONU

Paloma Costa, Conselheira Jovem do Secretário Geral da ONU

Conselheira Jovem do Secretário Geral da ONU

Joel Onyango

Shared Value Hub

Navalayo Osembo

Enda Running
avatar for Dan Osusky

Dan Osusky

B Lab - Head of Standards & Insights, B Global Climate Task Force -...
avatar for Yasuo Ozawa

Yasuo Ozawa

Silkwave Industries

Dustin O’Harver

Guayaki Yerba Mate
avatar for Javier Perla

Javier Perla

Libelula Empresa B perú

Um Só Planeta

Um Só Planeta
avatar for Marty Pomphrey

Marty Pomphrey

General Manager
avatar for Alex Pryor

Alex Pryor


Tara Rao

Complexity University
Programme Director for Gigatonne Challenge
avatar for Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid

B Lab US/Can
Community Engagement and Activation Lead
avatar for Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

Hubbub Enterprise
Managing Director
avatar for Kelsa Summer Roidt

Kelsa Summer Roidt

Habitus Incorporated
Chief Operating and Impact Officer
avatar for Minji Ryu

Minji Ryu

Merry Year Social Company (MYSC)
avatar for Hassan Sachedina

Hassan Sachedina

BioCarbon Partners
avatar for Mahryan Sampaio

Mahryan Sampaio

Embaixadora da Juventude da ONU
avatar for Anna Sampson

Anna Sampson

We Are Neutral

Barbara Falcon Sanchez

Gigatonne Challenge
Canary Islands team participant
avatar for Kate Sandle

Kate Sandle

B Lab United Kingdom
Director of Programmes and Engagement
avatar for Merick Schoute

Merick Schoute

Co-founder & CEO of Holie
avatar for Philippe Schuler

Philippe Schuler

Too Good to Go
Global Impact Manager

Reed Shapiro

South Pole
avatar for Maryam Sharifzadeh

Maryam Sharifzadeh

Office Yoga
Founder & CEO
avatar for Darcy Shiber-Knowles

Darcy Shiber-Knowles

Dr. Bronner’s
Director of Operational Sustainability & Innovation
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